Chocolate lollipop recipe for family celebrations

Chocolate lollipop recipe for family celebrations

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Since We want to share with you the recipe for some very special sweets to celebrate Father's Day or Mother's Day. Perfect to accompany the dessert after eating, to brighten up the table or even to give a festive touch to your snack.

We teach you to prepare some eye-catching chocolate lollipops. It is very easy, so we suggest that you prepare this recipe with your children. It is a very fun activity!

  • 100 gr of dark chocolate to melt.
  • 100 gr of white chocolate to melt.
  • Colored sprinkles.
  • Wooden sticks.

1. We start by chopping the chocolate to melt it. On the one hand the dark chocolate and on the other the white chocolate. We can melt it in a bain-marie or in the microwave. Once melted, pour the chocolate, each one into a container, and stir until cool. Fill two piping bags and reserve.

2. On the table where we are going to work, we place a tray and on top of it a sheet of baking paper. We cut the peaks of the pastry bags making a very small opening and draw a circle in the upper left part.

3. Fill the circle and sink the end of a wooden stick.

4. Now, we make several large circles around the first one.

5. The next step is to draw a figure with the other chocolate. We can draw a mustache, a star, polka dots or a heart ... We sprinkle a handful of sprinkles. Refrigerate 15 minutes in the fridge, remove and reserve at room temperature. Finally, we will put them in the freezer an hour before eating them, so they will hold perfect. Enjoy them!

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