How to foster the bond between sisters

How to foster the bond between sisters

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Several recent studies show that only children differ positively on two points from those with siblings: the first is that they have a higher achievement motivation; and the second, a higher self-esteem. However, most only children complain that their personal problems are due to not having siblings.

The relationship between sisters is one of the closest bonds that our daughters will have throughout their lives and this will influence your personality. The sisters treat each other as equals, they learn to share, to respect each other and to live together. It is normal that during certain stages of growth they experience jealousy and are even rivals, but usually these are temporary moments that will change throughout their growth.

It has been shown that in certain families the sisters play a more important role than that of the parents themselves, either because of their absence or because, on many occasions, parents only talk to their children when they see an important problem or need to open up with them . At that moment, the sisters are the closest person to ask, the one who can help resolve daily conflicts since their parents are "not available" to discuss emotional issues.

Therefore, it is important to create a good bond between the sisters, and in that we parents have a lot to contribute. Much of their relationship in the future will depend on our treatment of them now.

1- You have to avoid comparing. You can assess the attitudes of each one but never compare.

2- Create collaboration between them. We must flee from rivalry and seek common goals; that they feel as a team in the face of problems that arise.

3- Devote the same time to each one and separately. You do not have to attend to one more than the other because you need it more, or because it is smaller, but each one within its plot should be attended to in its own needs.

4- It encourages your privacy. Their own space and their dialogue is essential to promote complicity without having an adult behind them. Sometimes they must solve their problems alone.

5- Respect each other's attention shifts. It is normal that when one requires attention, the other becomes jealous and tries to steal that attention; don't let him. Each one must wait their turn and respect the other's spaces. The same happens with the turns in the conversation, they must learn to listen to each other and respect their opinion.

6- Never put them against. Do not make the other sister responsible for the problems, promote common joy, make the other share in the problems and experiences of her sister.

The sisters will be the greatest support you can have throughout your life.

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