Roulette to teach children about weather phenomena

Roulette to teach children about weather phenomena

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On our site we show you how you can create materials to teach your children about weather changes. Through this tutorial, you will be able to create a weather roulette, perfect for children to understand seasonal changes.

And it is that, many times, it is difficult for us to explain to children the different meteorological agents that exist and it is of special relevance that they come to understand them. A felt craft to learn while playing.

  • 2 sheets of felt size and colored felt
  • Black, yellow and white cotton
  • 2.5cm yellow ball
  • 8 small polystyrene balls of 0.4 cm light blue
  • 3 cm of black or brown rope
  • Butterfly clip
  • Pencil, scissors and ruler
  • Glue gun

- You will have to create the circular shape on the folio-size felts and then cut them out. You can use a plate for it.

- To create the clouds, join 9 white cotton balls with silicone. One of them will be left alone. To the second, you will have to add one of the 2'5 cm diameter balls of yellow color from the back with hot silicone to make the sun. To the third cloud, stick 3 light blue strips on the back to simulate the wind. Finally, to the fourth cloud, the 8 blue polystyrene balls will be placed, imitating the rain. Also, with the 3 cm of brown or black rope; with 2 pieces of felt in white, black, green, orange; and with the 3 black cotton balls we will make a snowman to explain the meteorological phenomenon of snow.

- In the center of one of the large circles, it is necessary to put a rotating arrow that will serve to indicate the weather. In order for it to have movement, in the back it must have a small hole, in order to place the butterfly clip that will also go through one of the two large circles, having made a circle in the center of it. Once we have completed the previous step, the other large circle can be glued, covering the wings of the butterfly clip.

- Paste each climate on the big circle that matches the arrow. The meteorological roulette can now be used by the little ones to learn the atmospheric changes that can occur.