Murphy's Laws of Motherhood

Murphy's Laws of Motherhood

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All of us who are parents know that many times what can go wrong will go wrong. Even what should go well.Edward Aloysius Murphy was an engineer who declared it in 1949 after discovering that all the electrodes of a harness were wrongly connected to measure the effects of acceleration and deceleration in pilots.

Actually he formulated it hoping that in future designs all possible precautions would be taken but then his famous law began to be used in a fictitious and humorous way to try to explain the misfortunes, accidents and all kinds of stupid things that humanity lives daily.

These are several Murphy's laws associated with motherhood, do they sound familiar?

1. After you have had your baby and are struggling to return to your normal weight, someone will ask if you are pregnant.

2. Always, the food you prepare for your child will be the one that he does not feel like eating that day.

3. All the thanks that your baby does when he is at home, he will NOT do when you want to show him off in front of your mother-in-law or your boss.

4. Your child, who never eats fruit, asks you for an apple just the day there are none in your house.

5. When you are in a hurry to get out of your house to go to an important meeting, your son asks you to accompany him to the bathroom to poop.

6. When you finish putting on a clean shirt to go to work, your baby makes a profit by getting it dirty.

7. Your child will poop immediately after you put on a clean diaper.

8. The longer you have bought tickets for the show you are dying to see, the more likely it is that your child will wake up with a fever the day of the show.

9. When you gave away all the small clothes of your children because you did not think to have another, you find out that you are pregnant.

10. The budget needed to raise your children is always double what was planned. The time required is triple.

11. Your child will never break the ornament that you like least.

12. You will only know where your children's vaccination card is when you don't need it.

13. If you have a child who draws very well, there will always be one in his class who does better. The same is true if you sing, dance, or play chess.

14- You do not sleep until your children are five years old. You will not sleep again after they turn fifteen.

15- Children are never calm when taking pictures, and they are absolutely immobile when faced with a camcorder.

16- No child comes back clean from anywhere.

17- The parents of other children will always be better than you in the eyes of your children.

18- Children are incredible. In general, they repeat word for word what they should not have said.

19- The quietest toy is the one that your child will like the least.

20- The loose pieces of puzzles that you find will never be the ones you are looking for.

21- The clothes you like the most are the ones your child will never want to wear.

22- The more expensive you have paid for a garment, the sooner it will be small.

23- The name of the last medicine your child took is the one that you will not remember when the doctor asks you.

There are only a few Murphy's laws applied to fathers and mothersSurely you have experienced these situations or similar ... share yours!

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