The jumping frogs. Short children's poem to reflect

The jumping frogs. Short children's poem to reflect

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Through poems children can learn great lessons, and it is that stories, fables and other literary resources help the child to understand the world, to understand the things that happen to him, to learn about feelings and to explore emotions.

An example of this is this poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría, The jumping frogs, a short poem to reflect with the children. And it is that, transmits a great lesson to children. Behind the verses there is a lesson for children: the differences between one and the other should not be an obstacle to friendship. Teach them to respect differences.

The jumping frogs is a short poem that teaches children that it is not necessary to judge others ahead of time, and less by their appearances, and to give them the benefit of the doubt, since despite the differences, a great friendship.

On the river bank,

two jumping frogs,

they play big jumps,

like good dancers.

They are having such a good time

who do not see a snake,

who looks at them with envy,

very close to the stream.

They cross from one shore to another,

they both scream when jumping,

and the serpent approaches,

also looking to play.

When they see her approach

the little frogs have laughed,

and jumping all three together

they have a lot of fun.

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