The B and the V. Educational poem for children

The B and the V. Educational poem for children

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It is not easy for children to learn the spelling rules for B and V, and they both sound the same. That is why when writing they tend to get confused and make spelling mistakes.

On our site we propose to teach children to distinguish B and V with this original didactic poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría. A short poem to help them learn to write B and V.

With this rhyming poetry, children will learn the spelling rules of the letters B and V in a fun way to avoid making mistakes in their writing.


come out v Y b,

and it seems orbvio

what's upvan bien.

The b is the highest

not stop hablar,

bra, bre bri, bro bru,

blu, ble bli blo bla.

The word verbor

play with both,

with the v is yourvyou are,

with b, isbto me.

The m for costumbre

play with the b,

they play the tambor,

And the trombon tambwho!

With some nombbeef

they make a redobyou,

they play the zambombto

by game dobyou.

There is always the v

with the adjetivyou,

grave, octavto, slavevor,

newvopensve, activor.

Tea voy advertir

they are not adversarios,

they love each other v

Just the opposite!

The vhere with v

although it sounds the same,

It is not bhere from car,

it's an animal!

Already sabwe are all,

that they will be very bad

out of place,

even if it sounds the same.

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