10 tips for parents of soccer kids

10 tips for parents of soccer kids

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If your son is passionate about football, it is very possible that you will watch games with him, have to take him to training sessions and encourage him from the stands every weekend.

In this situation, when you face a child who plays a sport and is also part of a football team, the important thing is not to make the mistake of pressuring, demanding or frustrating him. Therefore, on our site we give you 10 tips for parents of soccer kids.

For your child to enjoy and have fun practicing soccer, so that they do not stress and end up abandoning their hobby, we give you a series of useful tips for parents of soccer children:

1- The important thing is not to win, but strive to win.

2- The result is important, but it is not the most important thing. Keep in mind that your child plays soccer because playing sports regularly is a healthy habit. That is the true value.

3- There is a maximum value in sport. That value is respect. For this reason, it is important to teach that the child respects the work of both the players and the referees.

4- We all make mistakes. Referees are not infallible.

5- The goalkeeper is the player most exposed to criticism. Hence it is especially important encourage him every time a goal is scored.

6- Sportsmanship includes the culture of “fair play”. Neither cheating nor violence is legal.

7- If the opposing team is weaker than that of our children, we must prevent our children from being cruel to haughty attitudes.

8- Rotation in the team is very important, so that all players have equal opportunities.

9- It is important for your child to knowacknowledge the successes of the opponent.

10- Finally, keep in mind that you don't just have to encourage. Use the constructive criticism to correct attitudes.

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