Timotea the ugly. Gloria Fuertes poetry for children

Timotea the ugly. Gloria Fuertes poetry for children

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Timotea la fea is a very short nursery rhyme of the famous Madrid poet Gloria Fuertes. A poem that seems simple but with a great background. Talk to children about the wonderful gift that reading gives us: inner beauty.

There are two types of beauty: one exterior and one interior. Inner beauty can grow and grow. How? One of the ways to increase inner beauty is by reading.

Timothea was good and ugly

Timotea sleeps on the roof.

Timotea's mother tells him to read.

Timotea the ugly begins to read

read what reads you

and his face changes,

eyes grow,

she becomes pretty.

And to Timotea,

the ugly,

They named her miss european!

(Gloria Fuertes)

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