Lonely mothers, more and more numerous

Lonely mothers, more and more numerous

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More and more women decide to wrap the blanket around their heads and embark on the path of motherhood alone, without a partner. Single-parent families are growing in number in our society, especially those headed by women. Specifically, in Spain, 9 out of 10 women already lead their families, according to data from the Women's Institute.

Raise a family alone it's a real challengeAbove all, now when economic instability is knocking on the door of many people and making ends meet is becoming more difficult every day. However, it is striking that, contrary to applying the motto, unity is strength, the courage of many women is being tested every day.

The causes of this increase in the number of single mothers are, in the first place, the increase of almost 299 percent of women who decide to carry out their maternity while single over the last decade. It is followed very closely by the increase in divorces, nullities and separations.

Single-parent families begin to earn integers in society and, according to the latest data provided by the Adecco Foundation, it seems that traditional families are entering a recession. While in 2002 there were a total of 303,200 families with a single figure of responsibility, either paternal or maternal, at the end of 2011 there were up to 548,600, of which 486,400 have the mother as the main figure.

The most common form of a single parent family in this case would be that of a single mother with only one child. Few women face motherhood alone with a large family. In this case, only 3 percent of single moms have more than four children. The age range of most women who face their motherhood alone is between 36 and 45 years old, women with technical studies predominate, and currently, more than a quarter are without work. A fact, the latter, especially significant, especially since up to 89 percent have declared that they continuously feel discriminated against in the selection processes for this reason. The unemployed respondents are also clear: being a mother and being alone is a handicap for finding a job.

This unfair treatment of these mothers by society in general is paradoxical, especially if we bear in mind the enormous challenge of facing the care, education and maintenance of their children with no help other than their own effort and courage.

Marisol New.

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