Natural remedies against stye in children

Natural remedies against stye in children

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The styes It is a very common eye annoyance, which can also affect children. It is a small ball of pus that can come out on the upper or lower eyelid, causing the area in question to swell, giving the eye a reddish appearance.

The stye is nothing more than an infection that appears due to an increase in the fat in the eyelashes, and that causes itching and stinging. In We found the solution to eliminate styes in children easily at home.

1. Chamomile
The first thing we have to know when it comes to cure a stye is that the worst thing is to try to exploit this granite that is on the eyelid. Therefore, it is necessary to let it rest and not want to remove it with force. The best home remedy is chamomile, which is prepared with boiled water, and must be allowed to cool before using it. Then, the chamomile envelope or the tea bag should be put on the affected eye for a few minutes. The properties anti-inflammatory they make the stye and its swelling go down.

2. Cold key
For itchy episodes of the stye, it is best to apply cold. For this, nothing better than a large key that is clean and disinfected, which we can put on the area of ​​the diseased eye so that it deflates little by little and also alleviates the moment when it itches, something very unpleasant for children.

3. aloe vera
The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make the aloe vera plant one of the best options to end the eye infection that cause styes. This remedy consists of applying aloe vera with the fingertips on the eye that has the stye in question and letting it act for a few minutes. In addition to reducing inflammation, the child will feel that the eye is also more decongested and relieved, as well as less itchy.

4. Hygiene with warm water
One of the most important aspects when treating eye infections is to always maintain proper hygiene. The eyes must be perfectly clean no matter what, but even more so when you have a stye. To do this, we have to clean the child's eyes with warm water, helping us with a cotton for the eye that has the stye. In this way, we will ensure that it is clean and the infection does not go away.

5. Potato
Another very reliable home remedy for children's styes is raw potato. The fact that it is fresh out of the refrigerator will keep it fresh and alleviate the sick eyes of children, as it will relieve irritation and redness. You have to cut the cold potato into thin slices and place it gently for a few minutes in the area affected by the stye so that it deflates.

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