The monkeys. Children's poem about friendship

The monkeys. Children's poem about friendship

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You have to take care of your friends, this is the message that he transmits to us the children's poem about friendship, Los monos. A short poem that tells the story of two little monkeys who are racing.

You can read to your children this animal poetry for children and talk to them about the value of friendship and the importance of taking care of friends. This short story in verse helps us to teach children a lesson on how to behave with friends.

Los monos is an ideal short poem to read to your children, it is a story in verse that transmits a message about friendship to children, one of the most important values ​​to develop in the education of children.

Two monkeys were jumping

from one tree to another,

happy they armed

a big uproar.

They were doing races

to see who jumped the most,

and they stretched gracefully

for another branch to reach.

One of them unintentionally

has calculated very wrong,

and with his body face down

down to earth has gone.

The other instead of helping him

happy he begins to sing,

shouting to the four winds:

I'm going to win the race! »

Don't be mean, seek help

Says the little monkey on the ground.

that my whole body hurts

and I can't get up.

The other mocker yells at him

without intention of going down,

something throws him in the face

aiming to give.

The sore little monkey

you can't believe it,

I had him as a friend

And on top of it it starts to rain!

Drenched and offended

he no longer knows what to do,

what hurts the most now

it is of the monkey to proceed.

With my head down

and tears in the eyes,

moves away from that place,

the arm is broken.

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