The risks of giving birth at home for the baby

The risks of giving birth at home for the baby

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A recent study by American obstetricians states that tThe rate of death of babies born at home is four times higher than that of babies born in hospitals. Research also indicates that the neonatal mortality rate among mothers is higher if the birth occurs at home.

Obstetrician Dr. Amos Grunebaum, a co-author of the study, stated that delivering in the hospital with skilled personnel can prevent 75% of all neonatal deaths. Neonatal deaths are those that occur within four weeks after the baby is born.

Hospital deliveries are the majority, however, in many industrialized countries in recent years there has been a trend to go back to the time of our grandmothers, when deliveries occurred at home. The safety of these deliveries has been questioned by health authorities on multiple occasionsHowever, there are more and more advocates for alternative childbirth. They defend the option of giving birth in a more friendly, calm environment, supported by family or loved ones.

This study states that in hospital deliveries, 3.1 babies died for every 10,000 births, compared to 13.2 deaths in babies born at home. Births to new mothers had even worse data: 21.9 babies died during or after delivery.

It is not the first study in this regard, in 2010 the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology stated that babies born at home faced an increased risk of infant death. Grunenbaum claims that even low-risk deliveries can be made difficult by some kind of emergency, 'there is no time to transfer the patient from home to hospital'.

However, this study does not tell us about the causes of the deaths of the babies analyzedTherefore, based on these data, we lack information to understand why home births are linked to an increase in mortality rates. In any case, I would never give birth at home, but certainly, and after three deliveries, if it had been appreciated to be able to decide more about my situation in the hospital or how to proceed in some circumstances.

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