How to get siblings not to fight

How to get siblings not to fight

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Sibling fights are the most natural thing in the world. There are studies that reveal that siblings fight at least 5 times a day. Two brothers, even if they get along wonderfully, there will be a time when they will fight, but as fathers and mothers it is essential to redirect the fights and promote the affective bond to prevent those fights from being too serious or ending in very negative feelings.

As parents (and sometimes as referees) it is normal that you see from time to time how sometimes there are personality clashes and even some mini-battles. The worst thing for parents is seeing how two or more of their children feel rivalry between them. But the degree of rivalry between siblings and having positive or negative consequences will largely depend on what the parents do about it. Sibling rivalry is not an inevitable consequence of having more than one child.

Here I am going to explain some ways to ensure that there are fewer fights between siblings and so that in the long run, they can start being friends.

1. That they be friends before they are born
It is important that the older sibling begins to get acquainted with the new baby before it is born. That is why it is important that in addition to becoming familiar with the mother's belly, she participates in the pregnancy by feeling the kicks, choosing the purchases with her, etc.

2. Make the older brother feel important
For example, when everyone brings gifts to the baby at birth, it is important that the older brother also has attention, even if they are small gifts. Let him try the baby gifts so he knows they work, help your child feel his place in the family all the time.

3. Don't compare
Never compare your children because in this case you will be fostering rivalry and the fight for your love. Also you should not compare them with other children. Each child is unique and different with their virtues.

4. Provide quality time to all of them
It is essential that parents take time out a day to spend quality time with each of their children so that all of them can feel special with their parents.

5. Boredom
It can also be a cause of fighting between siblings, so you will have to pay attention to what happens just before the fight starts.

6. Make sure everyone has enough personal space
Children shouldn't share everything, especially if they don't want to. If you share a room, try to ensure that each one has their personal space and that both know where their part is. You can even define the spaces so that they are well separated.

7. Help them be a good team
It is important that they know how to help others and help each other in order to be a good team.

These are some of the ways of acting when siblings fight, but remember that your example is very important for them to learn, this means treating everyone around you with respect, including of course, your children and yourself. partner: forget any behavior that has to do with yelling, threatening, much less using physical punishment. The best solution is to focus the raising of your children with a good foundation of emotional education.

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