Truancy: Why Do Children Miss Class?

Truancy: Why Do Children Miss Class?

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Missing class is not just a behavior typical of adolescents, since many school-age children are absent from class.

Children who do not want to go to school often do. They are tremendously skilled at getting what they want. Sometimes it is enough that they make use of their cunning, their emotional abilities and their persuasiveness so that parents are trapped in their networks and thus achieve their long-awaited goal: not to go to school. But why do children miss class?

Some children become true theater professionals. Normally, children use excuses such as "my head hurts", "my throat hurts", "my belly hurts" or "I am not feeling well", in order to get their parents to take pity on them and be able to stay in home. These are usually the excuses they resort to most often. And, miraculously the pain disappears when parents allow them to skip school. How curious!

But, who has not ever put the thermometer next to the lamp to avoid going to class as a child? Surely many of us have. It is absolutely normal. However, it becomes a problem when it occurs on a recurring basis.

But what are the main reasons why a child misses class?

- The birth of a new brother.

- Having problems with classmates.

- Be afraid of a teacher.

- Present learning difficulties or attention problems.

- Not having studied the exam.

- Not having homework prepared.

- Insecurity and / or fear of getting a bad grade on an exam.

- Low academic performance.

- Low self-esteem ("I am not capable").

- Lack of motivation and interest.

It is impossible that children do not miss class at any time during the year. Illnesses or family situations can cause children to be absent a few days a year.

Nevertheless, when absences occur on a recurring basis we must act and take action so it does not turn into truancy. We know that the probability of school failure in children who are absent frequently is very high.

We must help our son to face his problems or what he fears. If we allow the child not to go to school we are encouraging and reinforcing that you avoid what scares you, and your fears will get bigger and bigger. If we help him face what he fears, the fear will get smaller and smaller until it disappears.

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