Special care for a teenage pregnancy

Special care for a teenage pregnancy

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Supposedly the ideal time to get pregnant is between 20 and 30 years. This limit of 30 years is increasingly expandable by the socio-economic situation of the current woman. For this reason, we are no longer surprised to see new mothers over 40. It is rarer, at least in some parts of the world, to see a future teen mom. But teenage pregnancy does not concern us because it is rare, but because of the risks it implies and the special care it requires.

Although in some societies it is considered more appropriate to be a mother at a very young age, the truth is that a teenage pregnancy it is generally considered high risk. And the fact is that the adolescent's body is not yet fully formed to withstand the development of a baby for nine months without complications.

Both the pelvis and the birth canal are immature during adolescence, so too early a pregnancy can lead to complications at the time of delivery, but also in the development of the baby. It is very common for the babies of teenage mothers are born underweight and the risk of respiratory distress is also very high. In addition, a greater number of cases of pre-eclampsia, vaginal bleeding, premature birth and emergency cesarean sections are observed in these adolescent pregnancies.

Nor can we ignore the Lifestyle of an adolescent who is not ready to face motherhood. We refer to the fact that adolescence is a time when eating disorders and excesses are frequent, as well as being the time when young women begin to smoke. Certain habits, which can be considered age-specific but are not without health risks, pose a danger to the baby's development.

We are not going to deal with the convenience or not of being a teenage mother, of suddenly assuming responsibility for which one is not yet prepared, but we also do not want to ignore that a teenage pregnancy requires some special cares to reduce risks for the baby and the future mother. The main step that must be taken is to face the fears of family conflict that the visit may cause and go to the first prenatal visit as soon as possible.

The feeding The lifestyle will be essential to ensure the proper development of an adolescent pregnancy. Therefore, a healthy and balanced diet is necessary and avoid bad habits such as sedentary lifestyle, alcohol or tobacco. At all times, an adolescent pregnancy must be supervised by specialists who check the well-being of both the mother and the baby. And in most cases, psychological treatment will be necessary to help the adolescent cope with motherhood.

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