The lesson. A children's poem about obedience

The lesson. A children's poem about obedience

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Children are unaware of the dangers that surround them, it is our job to teach them to be prudent and cautious, however, sometimes, our children disobey us and this ends up having consequences.

This is what happens to Kiko, a very disobedient kitten and the protagonist of the children's poem about obedience: The lesson. You can read it with your children and teach them through this poetry the importance of following our rules.

Through nursery rhymes we can transmit great lessons and values ​​to children, such as the value of obedience.

There is a family

of five kittens,

the father, the mother,

Miko, Kika and Kiko.

They go through the roof

all in a row,

Kiko with danger

doing pirouettes on the outside.

His parents cats

they are going to reprimand him,

Don't jump over the eaves

you will fall again!

«Follow our steps

and don't get lost,

around here there are many dangers

that you will hardly see.

Kiko again

setting a bad example,

see a hole

and has jumped inside.

Miika and Kika scream

the two rowdy,

Kiko is gone

they don't see him on the roof.

The parents of cats

a little far away,

see what happens

and they approach alarmed.

Kiko imprisoned

just stick your nose out,

stretches how much can

but it can't get out.

The more it stretches

the more it moves,

and more afraid.

The whole family

calls him meowing,

Kiko does not respond

very still crying.

Your scared parents

and very angry,

they discover the kitten

in the imprisoned hole.

All forming a line

they tie knots with their tails,

and Kiko decisively

they take him out in a ball.

His excited parents

they lick him all over his body,

has a bump on one leg,

they gasp with exertion.

You are disobedient!

say their patient parents,

You could have killed yourself!

What a scare you have given us!

The red kitten

like a bell pepper,

head down

ask everyone for forgiveness.

And they walk again

on the roof playing,

Kiko has learned her lesson

and behind it is limping.

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