The importance of water in childhood and the mistake of substituting it for other drinks

The importance of water in childhood and the mistake of substituting it for other drinks

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Water has vitally important functions in the body, such as promoting concentration and brain performance, helping to regulate body temperature, transporting nutrients to cells, or assisting in the digestion of food.

On the contrary, its lack is manifested with distraction, irritability, fatigue and even apathy, symptoms that we must take into account to prevent and try to prevent them from appearing.

Although water is transcendental throughout life, childhood is a particularly sensitive stage in terms of its needs. Children need proportionally more water than adults for several reasons:

- They have more difficulty than adults regulating and maintaining their body temperature, so if it is hot, the risk of dehydration is even higher.

- They are often unable to detect the body's alarm signalssuch as dry mouth when thirsty, until it is too late.

- They are more active than adults, always on the move and not always looking for the most appropriate places, like the shade in summer.

- Water in childhood is basic for their growth.

The recommendations, under normal temperature conditions, and performing normal physical activity, are approximately between four to five glasses of water a day for children between one and three years old, and progressively increasing the amount from 4 years to reach the approximately 8 glasses that are recommended from adolescence to adulthood.

The water not only comes from the drink, but obviously, some foods already contain it, so it is not strictly necessary to drink that number of glasses of water, but that would be the total need, covered by all the foods in the diet.

However, when parents try to keep their children hydrated, sometimes they resort to drinks that are not water, and that, far from solving the problem, can cause a greater. Substituting water in childhood for other drinks is a mistake:

- On the one hand, the dental health of children has worsened in recent decades, and in large part it is due to the amount of drinks harmful to the teeth that exist within the reach of the little ones.

- On the other hand, being overweight, in addition to unhealthy eating and physical exercise habits, is also due to an increase in the intake of highly recommended beverages.

The trend that is observed is alarming, children are drinking less and less water, and instead are consuming tremendously caloric beverages, as well as cariogenic. Not only are included in this group those whose sugar content is high, such as smoothies and juices, natural or industrial, but also carbonated or carbonated drinks, whose acids attack tooth enamel, leaving space for Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria Mainly cause of dental caries, adheres to the tooth, enhancing the appearance of cavities.

It is not necessary to force the child to drink, but to always have water, and only water, within reach.

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