Problem of obesity in adolescence

Problem of obesity in adolescence

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Obesity is a very serious health problem that begins to develop in childhood, but whose complications may not be observed until adulthood.

In adolescence, being overweight generates health problems, not only physical but also emotional. On our site we tell you what are the problems caused by obesity in adolescence.

Obesity is related to hypertension and high cholesterol levels, both with a marked tendency to block arteries or hinder the work of the heart, with the consequent increase in the risk of both coronary heart disease and stroke.

Also, when you are overweight, insulin needs to work extra to supply enough glucose to the body's cells, therefore, to maintain normal blood glucose levels, a supply of insulin from an external source may be necessary. Although in principle a change in lifestyle and diet may be enough to correct these levels, in the long run diabetes has serious health complications.

Obesity not only causes emotional problems for adolescents, it also causes physical problems:

- Being overweight puts too much pressure on growing bones, especially of the lower extremities, which can cause deformations or problems in the joints (arthritis). In addition, the hips are particularly overweight, and can suffer short-term damage, which if not repaired, surgically and / or losing weight, can become permanent.

- The damage obesity does to the liver It begins to be generated from the moment you have to metabolize and accumulate high amounts of fat. At the beginning there is an inflammation of the organ that can be rectified with a change in eating habits, but which can become irreparable if it continues to advance. Also, although they are not exclusively related to obesity, the risk of gallstones increases. The excessive work of the liver generates an enormous amount of bile that stresses to almost block the bile ducts and can solidify in the gallbladder. Depending on the severity of the gallstones, a surgical intervention may be necessary to restore the proper functioning of the liver and gallbladder.

- Increases the risk of suffering from severe headaches or migraines by increased brain pressure and sleep apneas. These, in addition to causing problems in the day to day due to fatigue due to lack of rest, can lead to long-term heart problems.

- Obesity is also related to female fertility problems, which begin in adolescence. At this age, the risk of polycystic ovaries increases and the tendency to have high blood testosterone levels, which interfere with ovulation. Testosterone also worsens acne and can promote the appearance of facial hair.

- Being overweight makes any movement require more energy and costly for the body, and thus, the respiratory muscles undergo enormous pressure that makes even getting up from the sofa a suffering.

- Depression, low self-esteem, apathy and reluctance they sink the adolescent who may resort to food seeking comfort, increasing the risk of eating disorders and worsening the symptoms.

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