The children's return to school and the happiness of parents in pictures

The children's return to school and the happiness of parents in pictures

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For them it is a moment of nerves, stress (often sadness), fear ... in short, a big knot in the stomach. For parents, liberation and extreme happiness. We mean back to school, of course. And it is that, although we would like to deny it, the holidays are so long, that there comes a time when parents fervently wish to have a break (And yes, to finally be able to stop making bobbin lace to be able to combine work and school vacations).

Do you need proof? We have them. Do not miss these fun and original photographs of the children's back to school and the parents' happiness.

Happy parents. Children not so much. All these original photographs show the funny face of the children's back to school. That moment of relief in which parents finally regain a truce in the morning. Many of the photos show selfies of children with parents celebrating their return to school from behind. At other times, parents see them and wish them to take their children to school. They, of course, resist.

Fathers and mothers who toast or jump with happiness also help children to smile and change the gesture. And although we have older photographs, they are worth recovering. Nothing like this mother. What a euphoria for the first day of school!

And not just photographs. The most resourceful parents have also created videos to immortalize this moment. After more than two months of vacation, the day finally comes ... the 'morning' fights between brothers are over. Each to their class and parents ... to their homework. Peace returns to the house and this is how these parents celebrate it ...

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