Where to locate the child's study table according to Feng Shui

Where to locate the child's study table according to Feng Shui

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If you want to achieve a harmonious environment for children to study, in We give you a series of tips according to the philosophy of Feng shui; An ancient Chinese art that aims to organize our home, creating cozy and comfortable spaces.

One aspect to consider to create an environment that favors the concentration of the little ones, is to place their study table correctly; Using certain elements and arranging them in the appropriate positions, you will be able to generate a space that favors positive energy when studying. Next we tell you what yes and what should not be done when locatingchildren's study table.

According to expert consultant in Feng-Shui, Ana Postigo, placing the work table against a wall or under a window is not a good option, then we will tell you why.

1- Placing the child's study table against a wall is not the best way to promote concentration. Not even a wall decorated with pictures would work, since in the end your child would be very easily distracted by looking at a still image. If only the table can be placed in this way becausenot enough space in the roomThe ideal would be to have a wall with a painting that gives perspective or has a horizon.

2- On the other hand, the child's back is in a vulnerable position, he lacks support and protection, and he may feel the sensation that everyone passes behind him and does not invite him to study, to be calm.

3- If we had the possibility to choose, it is not ideal to opt for a window, if that were the case, the child would be looking at everything that happens in the street and would not be working on their homework either.

To begin, it should be mentioned that the ideal is to have a room that is only for studying, if this is not possible, do not worry! We tell you other options to best accommodate the study table in your child's room.

Based on Feng shui, children will be able to learn and carry out school tasks in a space where they feel comfortable and safe. In addition, along with some other points to consider, you can create a serene environment to promote your child's concentration.

1- The order of the furniture. Ideally, place the furniture in the following way: wall, chair and table. The child's back against the wall and the table in front. The little one will be working and clearly seeing who enters the door, what is happening at the window and controlling the room in general.

2- Avoid unnecessary objects. It is better not to put anything on your child's head and no object in front that could get in the way.

3- The colors. The ideal shades for the study area will always be light, since these colors promote the serenity necessary to concentrate.

4- Good lighting. In these cases it is extremely important to have indirect or natural light. To achieve this you can place led light on the study table or a floor lamp.

5- Decoration. Motivate children with positive phrases, photos of idols, medals or diplomas obtained, these can be placed at the beginning of the course and totally or partially removed when classes end.

6- Aromas. According to Feng shui, citrus aromas, lavender or jasmine favor concentration and learning in children.

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