The danger of children watching music videos

The danger of children watching music videos

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As a mother I have been able to see how music videos can be very harmful for the sensitivity of children and their moral values. The vision of cars of scandal, women surrounded by luxury and diamonds, sensual movements and stereotypical bodies make children mistake their moral values.

On our site we tell you why danger of your children watching music videos.

I remember my passion as a teenager for music videos. They were fascinating, in them I could see my favorite singers personalizing the story they sang. My friends and I waited with true fanaticism for the moment when Michael Jackson became a werewolf in the video for Thriller, a video so elaborate that it was even worthy of audiovisual awards. That afternoon was one of the most exciting memories of my childhood.

I don't think I'm an old-fashioned, moralistic or retrograde mother ... or yes, I'm not sure, because I really can't help but be alarmed when I see the danger of children watching music videos, and the impact it has on the immature minds of my daughters, since, far from telling a story, they are simply dedicated to exhibiting a type of life that few of us can access.

In them you can see the car that you will never have, the watch that you will never wear, slim and stylized bodies, far from real women's models, and sensual clothes that leave the woman solely as the object of man's desire.

My daughters are totally mesmerized by those striking images in which women move their asses at the speed of light and in which the boys are the living reflection of a disco pimp, that is, the boyfriend you would never want him to have your daughter.

Since they were little they create their scale of values ​​observing everything that surrounds them in their closest environment, but as the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words"So, my daughters have quickly decided that what I tell them is very good, but that it is more boring than imagining that they come to have and be, everything that those offer so fun and colorful music videos.

Thus, their immature girls' brains mistake moral values ​​and do not know how to differentiate reality from fiction, far from having a critical thinking.

Me fight for women's equality It is at the height of the bitumen next to those three minutes of images where success and beauty are sold, but what if that is not your case? What if it turns out that I am neither tall, nor pretty, nor weigh 40 kilos and I also have pimples and glasses? That feeling of not being able to become that physical stereotype, of not being able to become someone with success or money, or that the boy you like is a normal boy, who does not have a car or a chalet in Miami, they produces a feeling of emptiness and frustration that can end in guilt and even depression.

So, I can't help but get on my nerves when I see my daughters come out of the room dressed in everything they've caught from the closet, customizing their costumes in the style of the girls in the videos, with all their toy jewelry on top, and dancing provocatively just seven years old. At that moment I wonder ... where has all my work as a liberal mother gone? !! From now on, music videos are limited to the 80s.

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