Witch Fingers. Halloween recipes for kids

Witch Fingers. Halloween recipes for kids

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Chicken nuggets are one of the favorite foods for children, and chicken itself is a good source of protein for them, so why not make them at home in a healthier way? In addition, if we prepare them in our kitchen, we will have the opportunity to create a dish as original and fun as the one we show you below.

It is about terrifying witch fingers, an original Halloween recipe for children. Your children will like it so much that it will become the star dish for the Halloween party. Don't hesitate for a moment. From our site we encourage you to try this easy and fun recipe.

  • A chicken breast.
  • Salt.
  • Flour.
  • Eggs.
  • Cracker bread.
  • Pitted black olives

1- We start by cutting the chicken breast into strips; They should be a bit thick, but not too long. We salt to taste and reserve.

2. We prepare three soup plates. In one we will pour three tablespoons of flour, in another we will beat two eggs, and in the last we will deposit a quantity of cracker bread. Next we pass the chicken strips, one by one in the following order. First flour, then egg and finally, cracker bread. We booked.

3. To fry our witch fingers, we will heat olive oil in a frying pan, and we will leave them over medium high heat until they acquire a golden and uniform color. Let it drain on a plate on kitchen paper and meanwhile we will cut the olives in half (these will be the nails). To make our dish even more terrifying, we just have to add a tomato sauce. And, voila, we already have this original and delicious Halloween recipe for children.

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