5 tricks for children to listen to us

5 tricks for children to listen to us

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To many children, especially the most moved, they find it difficult to attend to our explanations because it takes a lot of effort for them to be still and that goes against their wishes. So if they don't stop moving they will hardly listen everything we want to tell you.

With a few simple changes in our habits when communicating with them we can make the children listen to us and better capture their attention.

1- Get down and stand in front, at the same height. This way he will be more focused and will attend to what you want to say. You will see how such a simple change can help focus their attention on you.

2- Do not scream. Raising the tone of voice so that he hears us when the child is screaming causes him to receive the message as something adverse, which translates into something that is not pleasant to hear and not worth attending to.

When you find yourself in this situation, stop for a moment, relax and speak slowly to say what you wanted in a softer tone.

3- Avoid distractions when you want me to attend. Imagine that you are explaining something important to him and you find yourself in the room, near the table full of colors, and while you are talking a color falls off. Instinctively, we pick it up, but by doing this the message you unwittingly transmit is that it is a priority to pick up to listen.

Try to ignore the color and prevent him or her from picking it up (if he starts to bend over, stop him and tell him that this is done later). Only with this will you get him to attend you with more interest.

4- Take breaks. If you have to tell him something a bit complex, it is best that you stop whenever you consider that the child has to assimilate that part of the information you have told him. In this way, you also allow him to ask you what he needs so as not to lose the thread of the information you are giving him.

If it costs you, a simple trick is to count to three inside and then continue with the explanation.

5- Add information that is of interest to you. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what good this is to me that they are telling me, right? This is exactly what happens to children. So if you turn the tables and make what you are telling him related to his own interests, you will get more attention and interest.

You will see that if you start practicing these simple tricks for children to listen to usThey will pay more attention to what you tell them.

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