The creature in the attic. Monster tale for children

The creature in the attic. Monster tale for children

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The loft creature is a monster tale for kids that tells us about a terrifying monster that lived in an attic. The people spread rumors about the terrible atrocities he did, everyone was afraid, but no one dared to approach that horrible creature.

One day a strong and rude sailor arrived who claimed to be able to destroy the monster and save the town ... Do you want to know what happened? Do not miss this children's story, ideal to encourage reading in children through a chilling and very funny tale.

One day a little boy went up to his attic to look for a book. Everything was dark, but in the shadows he could see bright eyes staring at him. They were two large eyes, with a separation of almost a meter, which gave him an idea about the size of its owner, a chilling being that jumped on the child. Fortunately the little boy was able to escape and ran quickly out of the attic, closing the door behind him and leaving the monster growling.

During the following days the town was terrified, the screams of the monster could be heard from the attic and the news of its evils spread everywhere. The misfortunes increased day by day but no one had the courage to go up to the attic and face him face to face.

A few days later came a Norwegian fisherman, a tough and strong looking guy; Taking advantage of the fact that he was passing through the town, the people asked him for his help to face the fearsome monster. The Norwegian did not hesitate for a moment to do so in exchange for some coins. As he approached the attic and heard such loud screams, he went down to ask for more money, tools, a large net and a cart, because he wanted to take that terrifying being as a trophy.

The people granted him all his requests, that's how the Norwegian opened the door and disappeared between shocking screams that soon stopped. They never saw the Norwegian again, nor the monster and of course after that tragedy, no one dared to go up to the attic again. But what happened to that man?

What really happened with the Norwegian, was that when he opened the door he could see Olav's eye, his huge and brave helmsman. The eye was also reflected in a mirror giving the impression of belonging to the same head, because its other eye had been covered by a patch for a long time. They both kept talking and shouting in their language and Norwegian told him about all the money they had given him in order to kill the "fearsome monster" in the attic. It was so much money that the two cunning rascals managed to escape from that attic, take a boat and go fishing.

And that is how fear, and only fear, impoverished the entire town and gave the fishermen a luxurious life. FINISH.

Version of the story "The creature from the attic" by Pedro Pablo Sacristán when we have the information.

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