Recipes for 18-month-old babies

Recipes for 18-month-old babies

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If you are looking for different dishes to prepare for your child, in we show you a series of r18 month old baby pots, ideal according to their age. This stage has the characteristic of being the stage in which children already have almost all their teeth, now it is much easier for them to chew food and therefore they can begin to give more solid foods.

An 18-month-old's menu is more extensive, the porridges can be left aside a bit and instead prepare new dishes with vegetables, meats and cheeses among others. Do not miss the recipes that we suggest not only for its rich flavor but also for its easy preparation. Bon Appetite!

Yogurt with cereals and blueberries for children

A breakfast for children, with cereals and fruits that will give them the necessary energy to start the day. A very nutritious and balanced recipe that the little ones will like a lot for its delicious flavor.

Cereal with strawberry and banana for children

This recipe can be prepared for children's breakfast. A great way to motivate them to eat healthy. Through its rich ingredients you can offer them a mixture of sweet fruits and cereals with a high fiber content.

Spinach cream for children

Spinach is easy to digest and contains endless nutrients for little ones. A highly recommended recipe, since we must not forget that green foods help prevent diseases due to the components of their pigmentation.

Cream of broccoli recipe for kids

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious vegetables for children. To introduce it into your diet, we suggest this recipe for broccoli cream. A recipe rich in vitamin C and also has vitamin A, folic acid and phosphorus.

Kids zucchini rice cake for kids

A very simple recipe to prepare, with two star ingredients that children will love. On the one hand, the zucchini is a vegetable with many minerals and on the other, the rice will give them the energy they need for their daily activities.

Traditional Cuban style rice for children

A recipe well known and loved by adults and children. Prepare this delicious rice for children and include this nutritious legume in their diet. A sweet and salty dish for the little ones to taste different and very rich flavors.

Soft Chicken, Apple and Carrot Salad for Kids

When salads are included in the children's diet, we are providing them with foods rich in vitamins and minerals, in addition to being foods with healthy fats that are very favorable for the organism. Try preparing this delicious salad that we share with you!

Chicken meatball recipe for kids

Who doesn't like meatballs? Accompanied by tomato sauce and a little rice that will give an exquisite flavor to this dish. We assure you it will be a success if you prepare it for your child.

Kid's Baked Roast Chicken

Chicken is an ideal food for children to grow up healthy and strong. It is of utmost importance to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. This recipe shows you how to prepare chicken in a very healthy way, roasted and accompanied by nutritious vegetables.

French omelette with breadcrumbs for children

This is a very light recipe for children. Especially if they suffer from stomach problems such as diarrhea. We tell you how to prepare this delicious dish in just 4 easy steps. It couldn't be easier!

Children's omelette or spaghetti frittata with spinach

Do you not feel like this recipe for pasta and spinach? The frittata is a recipe of Italian origin very similar to the omelet. If you are looking to prepare a recipe with different flavors and vary your child's menu, we recommend making this spaghetti and spinach omelette.

Milk rolls with cereals for children

To accompany the children's food we suggest this recipe for milk rolls. You can also use them to make a ham and cheese sandwich. Prepare a homemade, healthy and delicious food for your children.

Banana custard for children

For your child's dessert you can prepare these delicious banana custard. The banana is rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the development of children. Without a doubt, a sweet temptation for the little ones in the house.

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