Easy tongue twisters for kids

Easy tongue twisters for kids

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Play with your kids and teach them funny tongue twisters so they can practice language, and memory.

The tongue twisters are popular sayings With which we can play and that are usually formed by repeating the same letter within different words.

These puns mislead our mind and are difficult to pronounce, This way, children through tongue twisters can exercise their language, improve their vocalization and have fun, all at the same time!

We leave you some easy tongue twisters for kids, to say and to learn.

Children have a very funny stage in which their tongue gets stuck and they seem to have a rag tongue. The words come out backwards and confuse the letters, so these language exercises they will help you improve your use of your language.

These little impossible sound poems to pronounce will make us laugh a lot together.

A lemon and a half lemon,

two lemons and half a lemon,

three lemons and half a lemon,

four lemons and half a lemon,

five lemons and half a lemon ...

How do you want me to love you

if the one I want to love me

he doesn't love me like I want

who loves me?

When you tell stories

count how many stories you count,

because if you don't count how many stories you count,

you will never know how many stories you have told.

Juan had a tube,

and the tube he had broke.

And, to get back the tube you had,

had to buy an equal tube.

The parrot's face is rinsed with chlorine,

of course, chlorine clears the parrot's face.

Erre con erre guitar,

erre with erre barrel,

how fast the railroad wheels roll.

Nobody picks a stone like Pedro Pica Piedra

Because if someone picks a stone like Pedro picks a stone,

It is because Pedro Pica Piedra,

taught him to break stone.

It is difficult for him to climb the slope,

and in the middle of the hill,

He goes and lies down!

Is love a madness,

that neither the priest heals it,

and if the priest cures him

It is a madness of the priest.

Little by little,

Paquito packs small cups in a few packages.

If your taste liked

of the taste that my taste likes,

my taste would like to taste

that you like your taste.

But, as your taste

I don't like the taste that

like my taste,

my taste does not like taste

that you like your taste.

Every time I take a shower I hurt myself

that's why I bathe once a year.

Three sad tigers,

they ate wheat in a wheat field.

1 trigre,

2 tigers,

3 tigers.

Pedrito farted,

the fart that Pedrito threw

smelled very ugly,

how ugly his little fart smelled,

Pedrito kept it on his ass.

Why is bed called bed,

and to the chest of drawers,

being the dresser less comfortable than the bed,

and the bed more comfortable than the dresser?

I don't buy coconut because I eat little coconut,

I eat little coconut, I buy little coconut.

Paco keeps the few glasses that Paco took out little by little.

Long tongues are needed so as not to twist,

he who does not have a long tongue,

it may as well be choking.

Side, ledo, lido, mud, ludo,

say it backwards I doubt it,

Ludo, mud, lido, ledo, side,

What work it has cost me!

The successive succession of events,

it happens successively with the succession of time.

If the snail had a face like the snail has,

off face, off cabbage, off snail with face.

If Samson doesn't season his sauce with salt, it turns out bland;

Samson's sauce is bland if he seasones it without salt.

I love you because you love me

Do you want me to love you more?

I love you more than you love me,

What more do you want, do you want more?

How much wood would a rodent gnaw on

if rodents gnaw on wood.

I don't want you to love me because I love you.

Loving me or not loving me, I love you because yes.

The hippo Hiccup is hiccuping.

Who removes the hiccups from the hippo Hiccup?

The governess Miss Tres-tros,

he has stumbled,

to go up to 32

instead of 33.

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