Types of children's toothbrushes

Types of children's toothbrushes

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The oral hygiene It is of vital importance for children and we must start teaching it from babies. Create one routine for washing of teeth begins even before the first baby teeth appear. With that, we will make sure to instill in them good oral cleaning habits.

Logically, a baby whose teeth have not yet come out does not have the same cleaning needs as a child with all milk teeth or a child who already has permanent teeth. If the oral hygiene routine should be the same for everyone, items such as pasta or toothbrush it should vary by age.

Brushing the teeth according to the age of the child.

There are those who think that oral cleaning should not begin until the first teeth appear and that is a mistake. We must also wash the mouth of the smallest babies so that there are no traces of milk, the bottle or the baby food. This babies mouth cleaning It is not a tooth brushing as such, but is done by passing a gauze soaked in chamomile rolled up on the finger.

It is from 1 year or 2 years when we can incorporate a specific toothbrush for children of this age into this oral hygiene routine. Children's toothbrushes must have the rounded head and with filaments very soft. For this age it is not yet necessary to add toothpaste to brushing, just use water.

Between 3 and 4 years we can add a fluoride paste to protect children from cavities and other oral diseases, but the toothbrush for these children should still be very soft and the amount of paste very small. It is time to include a mouthwash specific to protect your teeth and gums. As the child grows, so will his toothbrush, which will go from being a preventive instrument decorated with his favorite drawings to an everyday object that he cannot do without.

The types of toothbrushes for children are characterized by a small, rounded and smooth head and for a handle that is larger than usual so that the child can handle it well until his fine motor skills are fully developed. In any case, we must always supervise that children's toothbrushing so that they learn to do it in the correct way. It is up to us that children acquire good oral hygiene habits from an early age.

In addition to practicing by example, daily attention should be given to children's oral cleaning. With an effort on our part at an early age we will be saving many visits to the dentist and the saving is not only money, but oral diseases with consequences for your oral health throughout life.

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