Alternatives for kids who ask for food non-stop

Alternatives for kids who ask for food non-stop

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When children ask for food, it is not always out of hunger, sometimes it is simply out of boredom. During the week, being busy between school, after-school activities, and homework, they may not peck excessively, they may not even remember to stop playing to eat, but on the weekends, if the pace isn't right. the same, we can meet a child who asks for food non-stop.

When the child asks for food non-stop due to boredom, there can be an easy solution - keeping the child busy with games, sports or in the park - we can also find a rainy day that keeps us closed at home, so it is convenient to have some snacks on hand that are healthy as well as attractive.

- Popcorn: Taken at home, popcorn is one of the healthiest and most attractive snacks that we can offer our little ones. Containing nothing but corn and adding the minimum necessary to cook them - a little oil if they are made in the pan or a mixture of oil and water if they are cooked in the microwave - they are always well accepted among the young and not so young. In addition, making popcorn can become a perfect time to share with the family on a rainy afternoon.

- Fruit poles: Fruit mixtures, with all its pulp, is almost like eating the piece as is, and yet for our children there is a big difference between the piece of fruit and another format, such as polo. Simply freezing a mixture of well-beaten fruits and placing a stick or a spoon if you don't have sticks at hand, we have a very healthy snack that has little to envy to fresh fruit. If we are also careful to choose very ripe fruits, such as a soft banana, there is no need to add sugar, since these will already sweeten enough.

- Cheese or yogurt: Fermented dairy is, in general, a very suitable option in childhood, providing calcium and vitamin D for the bones of the smallest, constantly growing. In addition, as they are fermented, they contain minimal amounts of lactose, being easier to digest, and provide beneficial bacteria for the body, strengthening the child's immune system.

- Fondues: The eye-catching chocolate and fruit fondues are a way for children to eat fresh fruit, as they cover it with chocolate, which, if chosen from among the least processed, does not present too many disadvantages. In addition, this snack also becomes an easy and perfect entertainment for a winter afternoon, since it is not necessary more than a container in which to melt the chocolate - adult work, of course - and, if it is distributed in individual bowls The child himself can dip his piece of fruit with his fork in the chocolate.

Whether due to hunger or boredom, it is always advisable to offer the child snacks that do not contain excess sugar or fat.

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