Patting settling technique to help babies sleep

Patting settling technique to help babies sleep

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Settling baby: patting settling steps

Rhythmic, gentle patting is a hands-on technique that can help settle young babies into sleep. Here's how to do it:

  1. Face your baby away from you, lying on his side.
  2. Place your hand gently on your baby's shoulder.
  3. Cup your other hand and pat your baby gently and slowly on the bottom or thigh.
  4. Make the patting as rhythmic as possible - for example, about the same rate as your heartbeat.
  5. Sing a quiet, soothing song to help you find a rhythm. If you think singing might disturb your baby, sing or count in your head to keep your patting steady. Or try saying 'shhh' on each pat.

Sleeping on her back is the safest position for your baby. After settling, always gently roll your baby onto her back before you leave the room.

Other hands-on options for settling baby

If patting doesn't seem to work with your baby, there are a few other hands-on settling options that you can try. These options all start with your baby in his cot:

  • Put one hand firmly but gently on your baby's hip, the other on her shoulder. As you feel your baby relax, roll her onto her back and leave the room.
  • Hold your baby firmly at shoulder and hip, and gently rock him back and forth.
  • Gently stroke your baby's forehead.
  • Pat the mattress beside your baby.
  • Jiggle the cot slightly.

Tips to get patting and other hands-on techniques to work for you

If your baby settles better when wrapped, you can try wrapping your baby in a lightweight cotton or muslin wrap before you use the patting settling technique or the other hands-on options above.

Remember: wrapping isn't safe for babies who can roll. Don't wrap your baby if she shows signs of trying to roll.

If sucking on a dummy soothes your baby, you can use one when you're settling your baby. Gently hold it in place if you need to.

If your baby is crying, you can still try patting. Sometimes babies will seem to reach a crying 'peak' before eventually settling off to sleep. If your baby is very upset, it's OK to stop and give him a cuddle.

Experiment and see what works for your baby. But after settling, always make sure your baby is lying on her back for sleep.

Patting should be gentle and reassuring. If you start to feel angry or upset, don't use this technique - you might pat your baby too hard or too fast. If nothing seems to be working, it's best to walk away and take a moment to calm yourself.