Christmas fir-shaped lamp. Children's crafts for Christmas

Christmas fir-shaped lamp. Children's crafts for Christmas

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This craft is simple and very original. You can do it with the children and customize it to your liking. It's about making a Christmas fir-shaped lamp. Without a doubt, an ideal children's craft to make at Christmas.

Write down all the material you need and dare to innovate by creating your own Christmas tree-shaped lamp to your liking.


  • A glass jar or plastic bottle
  • Green colored felt
  • Red pompoms or decoration stickers
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Led lights
  • Gold colored cardstock

1. First, to make your Christmas fir lamp, fold your green felt in half. You will make the shape of a half tree or Christmas fir. When you open it, you will already have a face of your tree. Repeat the same drawing to make the other side of your fir tree.

2. Now find your glass bottle or jar. You have to glue your two faces of the Christmas fir tree, one in front and one behind. Make sure that the part of the lid is down, because then you will have to put the led lights through there.

3. Once you have your two little trees attached, join the bottom spikes and the top spike with glue and decorate your Christmas tree with your red pompoms, stars, or the decoration you want.

4. You already have almost everything. Draw a star on your gold paper or create your star on cardstock and paint it. And you paste it at the top of your tree.

You already have it! Missing? Oh yeah, led lights. You put them in, close your jar or your bottle with some cloth and a rubber band. And that's it!

You can use this original Christmas lamp as a decoration, or you can also use it as a nightmare scare lamp. And of course, you can customize it however you want: a star lamp, or a Santa Claus lamp ... Let your imagination fly!

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