The risk of giving too many gifts to children at Christmas

The risk of giving too many gifts to children at Christmas

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Children are not happier by having more gifts. This is what several studies carried out in recent years show. The happiness of the child depends on many other factors but never on the gifts. So why do we shower our little ones with gifts year after year?

The truth is that many of these gifts are extensions of our frustrated desires, the illusion we feel when giving them also influences, and, many other times, it is a way to compensate for the time that we have not been able to spend with them, which makes us feel guilty. However, buying too many gifts for children, even at Christmas, is counterproductive, since we are killing precisely what we like most about them: the illusion of receiving gifts.

It is proven that the excess of gifts in a child causes a series of very negative effects on him:

1- Produces a overstimulation
The child is unable to focus on all the gifts and tends to choose only one of them, relegating the rest to oblivion.

2- Generates a feeling of ambition and competition
Many times he does not finish unwrapping a gift when he is already opening the next. He only gives importance to the number of gifts, without taking into account the value of each one of them and the sacrifice that others have made to buy it.

3- They make you a capricious and greedy person
Sometimes you will be unable to share with others because of that need to compete.

4- It will make you lose the illusion
The excess of gifts generates in the child a total apathy. He is no longer excited because it is nothing special, causing him a feeling in which the obligation of the parents is to give as gifts.

5- Causes a low tolerance for frustration
If we give him everything they want, when he does not get what he wants, he will feel frustrated, he will be unable to fight for something that costs him a lot of effort and it will also create a self-centered attitude in him.

6- limit the fantasy
The excess of toys causes boredom, it also prevents developing the imagination; If you have a wooden car, you need to push it and make the noise, but if the car already does it alone, you don't need anything else, so the child will soon get bored of it. Children love to play real life roles and for this they do not need any toys, their imagination is enough.

7- Instill negative values
The abundance of toys detracts from them and makes them develop tremendously consumer attitudes: when a toy breaks, they buy another and that's it, causing them not to take care of their toys.

Psychologists recommend not giving more than 4 toys to the child, either at Christmas or on their birthday, because what they really need is to spend time with the family and maintain the value and enthusiasm in each gift they open; because what a toy can never give is love.

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