Baby named 'Like' on Facebook already has more than 4,000 fans

Baby named 'Like' on Facebook already has more than 4,000 fans

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If you are a Facebook user and you search 'Like Adler' you will find a beautiful baby who, on her welcome, we can find an explanation that says that Lior and Vardit Adler, an Israeli couple, have given this name to their newborn baby in honor of the social network. They decided to give this peculiar name to their precious daughter, inspired by the 'Like' button on the social network.

This couple who live on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Israel, like many others, have their peculiarities. Share your love for Facebook with cooking. In fact, his two first-born daughters also have very curious names.

The first is called "Dvash", which in Hebrew means honey :; while the second is called "Pie", an English word that means cake. At that rate, I think choosing the name for the baby is becoming very inspiring, don't you think?

In just two weeks after she was born and her parents included her on Facebook, "Like Adler" became so popular on the social network that it already owns 4 thousand and 500 fans. Surely the little girl does not even know what is happening to her. And as technology grows, it may be that when she understands why her parents use this name for her, this social network is no longer fashionable or no longer exists.

The unusual names that many parents give their babies is a fact. So many names have already passed through our blog articles ... unusual names like "Google", "Barça", "Obama", "Facebook", and even one with 36 letters.

There will be people who do not like the name "like", but I think, because of the positive it conveys, that this name is better than the new "I don't like" button that seems to have appeared on the social network and is circulating around there that it is a virus. What do you think?

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