Famous phrases of mothers to their children

Famous phrases of mothers to their children

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On numerous occasions, many of us, who are now mothers, have been perplexed to hear that wise phrase from our mother, which fell like a vase of cold water, which seeped into our hearts and our emotions because she said it at the time more timely, and the most curious thing is that, above all, he was right.

However, due to our youth, because we felt different or special, as we listened to these famous phrases, we swore to ourselves that we would never repeat them again, least of all to our children.

However, life takes many turns and, at times, I recognize that I have seen myself saying the same things to my children and as if the mirror of life were giving me a reflection, I have had to recognize the inevitable: How You look like your mother! Aware of this, the journalist Amaya ascunce, has collected all those phrases from our mothers, specifically the 101 phrases of your mother that you swore not to repeat, and has put them together in a book entitled How not to be a drama mom, just published by the Planeta publishing house.

Many of these drama tips They are based on popular wisdom, all of them take a moral and are put in the mouth of a loving mother, whose desire is to protect her children. This maternal figure is exaggerated by the author, as she herself admits, and is rather a mixture of several characters.

Some of these drama tips are wonderful. They are phrases that maintain an implicit message:

- As I have to go ... You must have done something.

- As long as you keep crying, I'm going to give you a reason to cry, really.

- The stickers that are given at the school door carry drugs.

- Do not speak softly, people who speak softly are afraid of what they will say.

- If you don't eat, you won't grow.

- This hurts me more than it hurts you.

- And if Martita jumps out the window ...

- As you fall, you will get paid.

- You should have fallen into another house.

- You never listen to me, now that one day you're going to listen to me.

- Stop messing up or you get a slap.

- Let's have the party in peace.

- I'm going to wash your mouth with soap.

- Don't raise your voice to me.

And so we could continue with everything that we have heard over and over again in our childhood and sometimes, we ourselves, have repeated to children. But if something is imprinted in our memory, it is the phrases that marked us in adolescence and youth. Phrases that, despite having listened to them several times, changed our lives, and that years later, of course, when we have started the memory machine and we have always thought: If I had listened to my mother !!!

So, we return to that of:

- You have nothing to tell me?

- As I see you with a cigarette, you swallow it.

- Until it breaks, do not buy another.

- Now you go out? But if it is time to return.

- I don't have to repeat it.

- Brands are an invention to charge double for the same milk.

- You do not sit in a public bathroom, you can take anything.

- Don't talk too much, only when they ask you.

- This is already dark brown.

- If you are old to stay up late, you are old to get up early.

And the final climax: - Because I said so, period.

And it is really difficult not to return to what has penetrated so deeply in our education and in our lives. Yes, of course, I was born yesterday, or when you have children, you will do what you want, or while you live under my roof you will do what I say, or you think the police are stupid ... they are examples, thousands, who go out to spurts of the author's mind and that each and everyone could complete, and continue to feed ad nauseam. After all, how good it feels to remember all this.

Marisol New. Copywriter

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