10 lessons you learned from your mother and will teach your children

10 lessons you learned from your mother and will teach your children

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Mothers are many and very different, that is true, but most have many things in common. Some of the most valuable lessons we learned, we learned from them. Also from our parents. And why not say it, of the grandparents. But now we are going to focus on those lessons that children usually learn from their mothers, and that remain an indelible smell forever in their lives. Surely some of them you also learned. Check it out here. We show you 10 lessons that you learned from your mother and will teach your children. Or not?

1. Family is the most important thing. You may have heard this phrase more than once. Especially if you have siblings and you used to get into a fight with them. Or maybe in that time of adolescence when you began to turn your back on your family to give more prominence to friends. In the end, mothers are very wise and time ends up proving them right. Most of the time (unfortunately, not always), the family is always there to support you in the most difficult moments. A valuable lesson that you can also teach your children.

2. You are worth more than you imagine. Nobody like a mother to improve the self-esteem of her children. And none of that saying: 'that's not valid because you are my mother'. Precisely because of that, because she's your mother. Nobody knows you like her. So never forget that your mother always highlighted how important you are. Boost and nurture your children's self-love, you too. Make them believe in them, in their possibilities, that they are able to see their gifts and abilities and learn to empower them.

3. If you have to fly, fly. There is nothing more painful for a mother and at the same time gratifying than seeing a child 'fly'. Surely your mother taught you from the beginning to be independent and autonomous in life. You will also do it with your children. And when the time comes, you will see them leave, ready to begin their journey alone. To a large extent they will succeed, thanks to you. In the end, don't forget, mothers (and fathers) are here to teach their children to 'fly'.

4. The importance of forgiveness. It is true that wounds leave scars, but to forgive, you learn. Something that every mother should teach her child, by example, is the importance of forgiveness. In the end, the past is past. It is never forgotten, but you can teach your child to close a door. Few things are as rewarding as forgiveness. A great lesson that will be very useful for your child throughout his life and that often comes to us through this well-known phrase: 'time heals everything'.

5. Perfection does not exist. What's more, perfection or the constant attempt to be perfect is harmful, since it destroys illusion and motivation and generates more and more frustration. Your mother surely taught you the beauty of imperfection in her day. A lesson that you will also teach your child. Don't let him get obsessed with perfection, because he will walk away from happiness. Better, teach him to accept himself as he is and to love himself with his imperfections.

6. All acts have consequences. How many times as a child did you break something for playing at home and disobeying the orders of your mother or father? What happened then? The most normal thing is that you will end up punished. Because it is the way to learn it: all our actions have consequences. A very 'motherly' phrase that teaches us the importance of being responsible for our actions and to think well before what we do trying to calculate the consequences.

7. The importance of keeping secrets. Do you still have a secret that only you and your mother know? Secrets give us a clue about the importance of loyalty. Trust is forged with love and loyalty. And loyalty is essential in life to create and strengthen ties.

8. Respect and all those essential values ​​in life. Respect is one of those values ​​"frowned upon" on many occasions, and yet it remains essential in life. It is not about obeying the strongest, the most tyrant, the most powerful. It's about respect based on trust. Respect for common goods, respect for all other people. But in addition, the lessons of a mother always rescue essential values ​​that will forge our pillars: tolerance, solidarity, empathy ...

9. Wisdom is not given to you by books, but by experience. 'When you grow up, you will understand many things.' As children we get tired of hearing this phrase, perplexed and angry. We cannot understand it. We think we already know everything. With that of things that we have already lived! And yet, as we accumulate years, we realize how right our mother was. And suddenly we began to realize many things that we did not understand. Life is after all that valuable book that we are writing little by little and that fluently reviews each of the subjects that will teach us to form ourselves as people.

10. If you stumble, get up and walk. Nobody like our mother to explain the importance of emotional strength. One of the most valuable lessons mothers teach us is that of effort and perseverance. If you encounter obstacles, go around them. If you fall, stand up. Let no one stop you. Follow your path and you will always reach the goal.

These are just some of the great lessons that you can teach your children. Obviously, there are many more. And it is that you, as a mother, are the most patient and tireless teacher for your child. Always remember it. Your child may now seem not to understand you or try to rebel against your life lessons. But remember that you did the same ... And now, as a mother, you suddenly find yourself teaching your child those same life lessons.

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