Fashion during pregnancy

Fashion during pregnancy

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Get inspired by the following celebrities to look radiant at this stage of your life


Actress Hillary Duff is a good example of how to combine comfort and fashion during pregnancy. Her yellow sweater is warm but adjusted to show off the proud mom's tummy.

Carla Bruni, the wife of former French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, attended several official events when she was pregnant, dressed in black in her usual style, sober and flattering, and radiant from her pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the most important thing is to feel comfortable, but that does not mean you have to give up being beautiful. Take as an example the style of the Alba Carrillo model, simple and comfortable.

If you are looking for an elegant dress during your pregnancy, be sure to choose a color that flatters you. Angelina Jolie, for example, decided to match it with her eyes.

The actress Alyssa Milano knows that the best way to look pregnant in an elegant way is to go for black, a classic color that will favor you even more if you are short like her.

If you like cheerful colors and want to feel like a real 'little mermaid', take a look at the Alysson Hannigan dress. With the style of the actress from 'How I Met Your Mother' you will be cheerful and radiant.

During your pregnancy, you can also take the opportunity to spread your joy with funny shirts. Take the opportunity to wear clothes with messages dedicated to your baby, as did the singer Britney Spears.

In the wardrobe, maternity clothes are usually pastel colors and pale tones, it does not mean that you have to give up stronger colors. Beyoncé chose a pretty orange-red dress to announce her pregnancy.

If yours is the fashion of the 70s do not worry, you will not have to give it up during pregnancy. There are also maternity clothes with psychedelic prints, like the one Claudia Schiffer wears.

Although your tummy may show, any moment is a good time to start showing off your pregnancy and be more than pretty. The actress Halle Berry showed with this dress that she can combine her seductive side with the maternal one.

Do you want to feel like a princess during your pregnancy? The actress Jennifer Garner dressed in a childish and very endearing style, who with her pink dress did not need anything else to be a radiant mother.

Another of the most common colors is white. If you are pregnant during the summer, choose sheer fabrics to feel like a real queen, comfortable and elegant during pregnancy like the singer Jennifer Lopez.

Victoria Beckham wore a dress of her own design during the Royal Wedding in England, with which her pregnancy was hardly noticeable, and she wore towering heels. And you, do you give up heels during pregnancy

There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman, and celebrities like Rachel Weisz know that. If you want to be radiant, you only need a simple dress to show off your maternity.

If during pregnancy you want to stylize your figure, bet on light fabrics and black. To go out for a night as a couple, you can choose a dress similar to the one worn by the Spanish actress Paz Vega, you will surely sweep away.

Maternity jeans don't have to be an ordinary garment. If you combine the accessories in your wardrobe well, you can have a look as elegant but comfortable as the actress Nicole Richie.

Violet is a cheerful color and ideal for pregnancy. You are sure to be radiant in a dress like the one Natalie Portman chose for last year's Oscars ceremony. Feel like a Hollywood star.

Elegance is Nicole Kidman's personal hallmark, and if you like her style, you can also wear it during pregnancy. Light colors and a slightly shiny fabric will make your party dress a hit.

Do you have to celebrate pregnant New Years Eve? Don't worry, don't give up being comfortable and festive, you can buy a simple dress that has glitter to give it a more Christmas look, like this one from Naomi Watts.

If what you like is a comfortable style you can take ideas from the 'look' of Kate Moss. The model chose jeans, simple and well-coordinated t-shirts to be comfortable during her pregnancy.

Light colors will give you more joy, and if they are in pastel tones they will be even more suitable during your pregnancy. For a summer party you can wear a comfortable yellow dress, like Kate Hudson.

Pregnancy during the summer can be very uncomfortable for the mother, and cause a lot of discomfort with the wardrobe, so you have to choose fresh and comfortable clothes. But that does not mean giving up fashion, look for a dress similar to the one that the singer Paulina Rubio chose.

Moms are also workers, and during pregnancy many continue to go to the office every day almost until delivery. for those occasions you can choose an executive model, like this one that Princess Letizia Ortiz wore when she was pregnant.

Star prints have become very popular in recent years. Also use them during pregnancy to have a very hippie 'look' like the beautiful actress Jessica Alba did.

Being pregnant you don't have to give up going out at night. To have fun without being uncomfortable, you can look for a dress like the one Jessica Simpson wears, with black sequins.

Some clothes and dresses can help you hide your pregnancy. Princess Victoria of Sweden attended some official events with outfits like this one, with a high and very elegant skirt.

The Black Eyed Peas singer, pregnant in a colorful, patterned dress. The father is also actor Josh Duhamel.

The Spanish actress, pregnant on a cold winter's day. Penelope has already had two pregnancies, in both cases she has carried them with great discretion.

The wife of Prince William of England, looks pregnant during an official ceremony. With a black dress and a green coat, she still maintains a great figure.

Black is one of Shakira's favorite colors when it comes to dressing. During her pregnancy, she wore leggings and T-shirts in many of her public appearances.

The Spanish actress Paula Echevarría shows off a pregnant belly with this summer black dress and brown belt.

Pregnant socialite Kim Kardashian in a red cocktail dress. She wears a sleeveless lace bodysuit with central buttoning.

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