Fines for children who are late to school and are not on time

Fines for children who are late to school and are not on time

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When a child is late for school, whose fault is it? Of the child or of the parents? Obviously, and if the child does not go to school alone, it would be the parents. This is what British Staffordshire County Schools have thought. And since they do not want children to learn from a young age to be late, they decided to take action on the matter: punish children who are late to school. That is, sanctioning their parents.

We explain what these fines consist of for children who arrive late to school and we analyze the importance of punctuality in the education of children.

How many children do you know who are late for school? Surely more than one ... And what happens when they are late? Nothing. Well yes, for the rest, yes: the class stops, the teacher loses the thread of what he was saying, classmates are distracted ... Then the child grows up, reaches the university and suddenly finds the classroom door closed. If he does not arrive on time, he does not enter. And he doesn't understand it. Why? Because If from the beginning nobody taught you to be punctual, it will hardly be when you grow up.

So precisely to avoid this, the British county of Saffordshire, with more than a million inhabitants, has decided to establish sanctions for children who arrive late to school. Or rather, it has decided to punish the parents, who are ultimately directly responsible for whether or not the child is late to school. Every time their offspring is unpunctual, they will have to pay a fine of around 135 euros (120 pounds). Those 'five little minutes of nothing' are expensive, as long as it is done regularly (up to 10 unjustified incidents are allowed in a quarter). The norm is approved, although it will be the decision of the directors of each school to apply it or not.

You will think ... 'well, it is not paid and that's it'. Error. If the fine is not paid, the case can be taken to court. The amount of the sanction could then reach up to 3,000 euros or even three months in prison. Excessive? According to the Staffordshire County Council, no. For children, the example is essential in their learning. The affected parents, of course, have not taken it well at all, demanding more aid and less punishment from the schools.

Punctuality is one of the essential values ​​in the education of children. Above all, because it is closely linked to other values, such as the value of respect and responsibility. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should educate your child on punctuality:

1. Punctuality is respect: Being late is not only bad for the late person, but for all the people who depend on their arrival. Imagine you are late for a job interview: will they be waiting for you? The best way to convey this value to children is by example. If parents are punctual and often talk with their children about the importance of arriving on time to all places, they will assimilate that lateness is negative and in the end a lack of respect for other people who did arrive on time.

2. Punctuality is the responsibility: Being punctual is also being responsible and consistent. To the extent that we instill a sense of responsibility in children, he must understand that all his actions will have a consequence, and therefore, his lack of punctuality, will be negative not only for him, but also for the rest.

3. Punctuality is gratitude: If the rest of the people are able to do everything possible to be at the indicated time in a place, the least that can be done is to show gratitude for their effort in the same way and do exactly the same.

Another good example parents can set is to apologize if for some justified reason it has not been possible to be punctual. For example, if they are late due to a sudden traffic jam, notify the delay and apologize to the people who wait, it can be a great example for the children that will also help to value and understand the importance of punctuality as an essential value.

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