The childhood dream

The childhood dream

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When we talk about childhood sleep we refer to the day or night period during which children rest. The child dream performs a regulatory and restorative function in the body. It is essential for the control of energy and body temperature. Sleep replenishes and restores bodily processes, which have been damaged during the day.

The baby's sleep is divided into four stages that progressively deepen. It is very important to respect these intervals without interrupting them so that they become a habit, so it will be easier to get the child to sleep. Pretend that the childfall asleep It is a difficult task and it constitutes a real challenge, but if you respect its rhythm, everything will be easier. Parents must create the appropriate climate for the baby to establish his own sleep rhythm.

During childhood sleep, children assimilate and organize what they have seen and learned, mature physically and psychically, and initiate and exercise their independence from the outside world and from their parents, for a time that varies according to their age and behavior.

Sleep is also food for the child's body. The child who does not sleep well will end up havingbehavior problems or behavior. That is why it is so important, from the earliest age, to establish schedules as well as sleep time for children.

Phases and stages of childhood sleep. Sleep in children and babies, as in adults, has different phases and stages, which vary with age. The baby's sleep is divided into four stages that progressively deepen. We tell you what are the phases and stages of childhood sleep.

Characteristics of children's sleep. The sleep of children and babies, according to the prestigious specialist in Pediatrics and Clinical Neurophysiology, Dr. Eduard Estivill. The author of the best seller entitled Sleep child, in an exclusive interview to our site about children's sleep habits. Teaching children to sleep is possible.

Children's sleep time chart. We tell you how much a baby or child should sleep. Children's sleep time chart. It is very important that we know how much children need to sleep. Your sleep schedule and number of hours to spend in this activity depends on your age and behavior.

The co-sleeping. Sleeping with parents. Dr. Francisco Hijano explains to the readers of our site what co-sleeping is, the advantages and disadvantages of this practice and the cases in which it is contraindicated. The benefits and the care that is recommended when dividing the bed with the children to sleep.

Baby's sleep routines. Babies also learn to sleep, in the same way as to walk, talk or eat. Follow some tips and ideas on how to help your baby sleep and establish sleep routines from the first year of life. What to do so that your baby has happy and healthy dreams.

The nap in babies and children. The nap of babies and children. The importance of rest in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon. The nap calms, relaxes and renews the energy of the little ones. Discover all the benefits of a nap for your baby. What does the nap contribute to the development of babies?

Teach the baby to sleep. Children's sleep is a need of the body, that is why it is important to teach children to sleep and, also, that they learn to fall asleep on their own. Take note of the advice that Eduard Estivill, pediatrician and co-author of the book Pediatrics with Common Sense, gives you in the following video.

How babies and children should sleep. How we can help children to sleep better. Tips to regulate children's sleep. Hours and rest time suitable for children. How to help a baby fall asleep more easily. What sleep habits should we apply when children sleep.

The happy dreams of the baby. During the first year of a baby's life, anything can disturb his sleep. It is a stage in which the changes they experience can leave them sleepless every other night, and their parents too, of course.

How much should a child or baby sleep. The number of hours a baby sleeps will depend on his age, activities, habits and customs, health status and the environment in which he lives. Guidelines for regulating children's sleep. How to create scheduling habits so that your baby sleeps well.

How to help your child sleep well. Tips to help your child sleep well and end childhood nightmares and insomnia. Childish dream. How to help the child to sleep alone and always at the same time. The habit of sleeping bem must be acquired at a very early age, since both eating and sleeping are basic needs for the health of children.

When will you sleep through the night? The baby's dream. How much babies sleep at night according to their age. At what age do babies sleep through the night? Tricks for the baby to sleep peacefully all night, without waking up. Massages, baths, stories, lullabies ... know the resources to help your baby sleep.

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