Why children today are less smart than our grandparents

Why children today are less smart than our grandparents

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Every time they draw a scientific study News about the chemicals around us makes my hair stand on end.

I do not know if it is that these last generations float hundreds of new molecules that look at us with bad eyes, or that in the past there were no studies that revealed so clearly the contamination of the environment that surrounded us. The fact is that, once again, science once again distresses us with a scientific study in which it has been shown that today's children have a lower IQ than before, and that has a lot to do with chemical molecules with which we live day to day.

We tell you why children today are less smart than our grandparents.

It turns out very alarming check that, in the last twenty years, the IQ of children has dropped two points every decade, and that the levels of children with autism, TDH and learning disabilities have risen remarkably.

The documentary broadcast by RTVE "Brains in danger" It alerts us that chemical molecules from bromine, fluorine and chlorine, together with the so-called flame retardants, present in plastics, detergents, mobiles, mattresses or sofas, affect neurological development and cause a decrease in children's intelligence quotient.

Epidemiologists and endocrinologists have found this connection between the brain and exposure to these chemicals and pesticides. Without a doubt, one more fact than alarming when we live surrounded and constantly bombarded by millions of particles daily without realizing it.

Babies have had a lower rate of learning ability since the 1990s, and this really poses a more than feasible threat to the future of humanity, with a fatalistic end that could even culminate in death. involution of the species.

Undoubtedly, it is more than alarming news, since the effects can currently be verified in our child population, which has revealed a serious iodine deficiency, and a presence in the blood of hundreds of substances that interfere with our hormonal system, and that comes to light in the form of brain problems of all kinds from the age of 7 in children, according to a researcher at the University of California, Brenda Eskenazi.

Furthermore, these harmful substances are found in the usual furniture of our homes and in everyday objects, such as detergents, cleaning products, plastics, mattresses, cushions or foam rubber of the sofas, which is almost impossible to escape from them.

Even if we decided to move away from urban pollution and go to live in the countryside, where supposedly the air should be cleaner and away from harmful products, we would not escape from them, since it has been proven that pesticides Used in agricultural areas have increased the proportion of children with autism by 600% in more than 20 years in California, especially in populated areas near plantations.

Scientists want to expose these terrifying discoveries and raise awareness among the population and politicians of the need for regulation and elimination of these products from our daily lives. I hope they really succeed.

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