Shiatsu during pregnancy

Shiatsu during pregnancy

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Yoga, Pilates, swimming and walking are the most recommended physical exercises for women during pregnancy. However, shiatsu, a manual therapy originally from Japan, is also attracting many women, thanks to its power to generate balance in emotions, and serenity to the mind and body of the pregnant woman.

Shiatsu, during pregnancy, harmonizes not only the mother's body but also that of her baby, and at the time of delivery, it contributes to alleviate the great pain that the woman feels, mainly in the back. Its therapeutic potential was rediscovered in Japan in the early 19th century.

This therapy, which has no side effects, seeks to restore the energy balance that our body loses, in the face of changes, stress, illnesses, uncontrolled emotions, etc. The word Shiatsu, as well as its base, is formed by Shi (finger) and atsu (pressure), which means that it is a massage method applied by the pressure of the fingers at certain points of the body and in the gentle lengthening of the joints. It is a comprehensive and holistic treatment that can be used by anyone, man or woman.

Through Shiatsu not only does one work on the physical body, but also on the energetic and emotional body. If any pregnant woman is interested in this therapy, it is necessary to know that certain points of her body should be avoided during pregnancy, by this therapy. For this reason, to ensure that Shiatsu benefits your body properly, it is convenient and recommended that you do it with a therapist specialized in this method.

Receiving Shiatsu regularly during pregnancy provides all these benefits:

- Return vitality to the body of the pregnant woman and release the movements

- Reduce back pain, sciatica

- Improve digestion and avoid heartburnas well as dizziness

- Avoid constipation

- Help regulate your hormonal system

- Improve the fluidity of blood circulation and lymphatic fluid

- Help reduce leg swelling and decrease muscle tension

- Reduce stress of the pregnant

- Promote sleep, decreasing The insomnia

- Relieve pain and generate a calming effect at the time of delivery

When the pregnant woman reaches the balance of her body, she will be able to give her baby the serenity that he so much needs to grow healthy in her womb, and come into the world in a calmer way.

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