Latin American stories for children

Latin American stories for children

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We offer you a series of traditional tales from different countries in South America. They are stories that transmit fantastic values ​​to educate children and explain many of the Latin American traditions that are still respected today.

Enjoy with your children these short stories, which tell us about values ​​such as love, solidarity, perseverance or empathy. Use these Latin American stories for children to bring literature closer and the culture of other countries to your child. select for you all these fantastic Latin American stories, very popular and that have come down to us through several generations. Stories that mostly include a positive teaching or message that you can apply in your child's education, and values ​​that you can also reflect on with your child.

Enjoy all these stories and stimulate your child's imagination and discover amazing stories from different countries in South America.

The stubborn goats. Ecuador story. 'The stubborn goats' is a popular tale from Puerto Rico that tells children about perseverance and self-confidence. This beautiful, very old story will explain to your children why it is so important to believe in yourself, regardless of physical appearance, height, physical strength. Beautiful lesson!

The wood pigeon. Tale of Mexico. The wood pigeon is a Mexican legend that has been passed down from generation to generation and now you can read it to your children on site. Mexican short stories to read to children.

The rabbit and the tiger. Fable of Venezuela. The rabbit and the tiger is a fable or popular tale from Venezuela that tells children about the importance of using cunning to solve a problem. Use these popular Latin American fables to teach children certain values. Discover with your child the moral of this beautiful fable.

The moon rabbit. Letter from the legend The rabbit on the moon to count and enjoy with the children. On our site you can read the Mexican story of the rabbit on the moon, a beautiful and ancient legend that tells why some of the craters on the moon are shaped like rabbits. Invite your children to read it.

The fox and the partridge. The story or fable of the Fox and the Partridge is a popular tale from Chile that has survived to this day thanks to the tradition of oral narrative. It is a story that tells children about the importance of the value of gratitude. Without a doubt, a great lesson that the fox received from the little partridge.

The tiger and the cow. Tale of the Caribbean. We offer you a story about the value of honesty and sincerity: the tiger and the cow. It is a popular story from the Caribbean that the elders told the children so that they would understand why you should never lie and what can happen when someone is not honest and breaks their promise. A beautiful story with essential values ​​for children.

The bat. Mexican tale. The bat is a popular Mexican short story to read to children. On our site you can read children's legends from Mexico. Bedtime stories to read to children.

The sleeping woman and the Popocatepetl hill. On our site you can read the popular Mexican legend La Mujer Dormida and Cerro Popocatepetl. A short story from Mexico to read to children. Tales of Gods, princes and princesses.

The inns. Traditional Mexican Christmas story. Children's story about the birth of Jesus. Tale of Las posadas, the moment in which the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph go to Bethlehem and the baby Jesus is born. How to explain to children, through stories, what is the true meaning of Christmas.

Day of the Death. A Mexican story for children, about the day of the dead: The day of the dead. In it, its main characters will give children a brief overview of the most common traditions during this traditional festival. A fun and original story to share with the little ones in the house.

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