25 weeks pregnant

25 weeks pregnant

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You at 25 weeks pregnant

You might be feeling uncomfortable in the rib area, as your uterus expands upwards. You might start getting some indigestion around now.

If you haven't already, consider booking into antenatal classes.

Preparing other children
If you have other children, it's a good idea to prepare them for your new baby's arrival. What you tell them might depend on the questions they ask, their age and how interested they seem. If you're planning to have other children at the birth, let your midwife or doctor know. You could also ask them for tips on how to help prepare children for the birth.

Preparing your home
You might already be making changes to your home for your baby's arrival. Getting your home ready and collecting the things your baby will need can help you and your family feel ready for the birth.

It can be tempting to buy all kinds of stuff. But there are only a few things that your baby absolutely needs.

Safety should always be the priority when choosing equipment for babies and baby furniture. Our safe baby furniture checklist tells you what to look out for when buying new or second-hand baby equipment and furniture.

Your baby when you're 25 weeks pregnant

Your baby:

  • is about 22.5 cm long, and weighs about 720 gm
  • is forming different parts of its spine
  • might react to a loud noise, or move to the sound of familiar music or voices.